Posted on May 14, 2019

Seis Vecinos

"Machuca" — a satisfyingly sticky, handmade sweet plantain mash paired with a coconut milk based seafood soup medley. A soup dish traditional more specifically to the Garifuna culture of Honduras. The pairing of Machuca makes the perfect pair for mixing with the soup. This should give you a better idea of the beautiful souls that are putting together these authentic and culture rich flavors at the Seis Vecinos kitchen 💕 Only available on weekends for now — #centralamerican #honduras #seisvecinos 
A conocer la cultura Garífuna hay que probar la “Machuca”, una papilla de plátano verde, plátano maduro acompañado de un delicioso caldo de mariscos y leche de coco 🥥 Una delicia Hondureña solo disponible los fines de semana en Seis Vecinos. 
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